Car window motor
1.COBBER is a Qualified Group (Molds Sourcing Company) for over 18 years in Taiwan as
    a Reliable Company dealing in

(a) Mold-Designing
(b) Estimation
(c) Manufacturing        FOR
(d) Quality Control
(e) Exporting
Plastic Inj. Mold
Plastic blow mold
Die casting mold
Sheet metal die
The finished molding product of above molds
Window Motor

2. COBBER consists of strong lineup including executive director. 6 experienced engineers and 5 industrious staff to work as a team. Quality is the aim turned reality, thus COBBER is the reliable answer to precision requirements from important companies throughout the world on Areas such as electronics automobile industry, housewares, stationery, suitcase,, TV & computer industry, toys and others where quality is a Must.

3.COBBER represents more than 20 outstanding local mold shops who own various precise machine tools which enable us to provide our customers with a very good advantage over the competition

4.COBBER has supplied molds in different system like DME, Hasco and Japanese Standard. in which we used Incoe, DME, Fast Heat, Master etc. Hot Runner System for different request.

5.COBBER has CNC equipment in the serveral stages of tooling progress and CAD/CAM back up enabling the maximum rentalbility of 35 years experience.

6.All molds from COBBER will be made according to the approved mold design drawing. Molds will not be shipped until customers' approval of our test sample which will be offered upon mold completed.

7.COBBER exported in excess of 8800 molds for a wide variety of countries U.S.A. Canada, India, Germany, France, Malaysia, Hong Kong and many others.

8.Our Customers:
a. Acco controls Groop - USA
b. VAP Industries - France
c. Soehnle - Waagen GMBH Co. - Germany
d. Spark Innovation Canada
e. CTI Compania Tecno Industrial.S.A. - Chile
f. Cerraduras Y Candados Phillips.S.A. Mexico
g. Zanana Plast - Egypt
h. Rema Lipprandt GMBH & CO. KG. - Germany
i. Mctp - Schweiz - Germany
j. Iran Electronic Industries - Iran
k. Mega Motors - Iran
l. Micro Swiss - Israel
m. BHEL - India
n. V.I.P Industries Ltd. - India
o. Birla YAMAHA Ltd. - India
p. Universal Luggage - India
Power window regulator

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